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Our company Nutvila is the producer of 100% nut butters. We started our business in 2016 and since the beginning our mission remains the same- to produce and supply the market with the highest quality goods, keeping production 100% natural without added sugars, salt, palm oil and other unhealthy or artificial additives.

We look forward to changing your understanding of nut butter. This will help you to get extra energy, keep up your mental and physical strengths on a daily basis. We promote a healthy lifestyle. 

       High quality. Natural.             Nutritious.

  • Our production is just from natural and carefully selected raw materials
  • We do not use added sugars, salt, preservatives and other food additives;
  • Natural formed nuts oil is not changed to palms or other oil 
  • For production, we use only 100% nuts which guarantees high nutrition value
  • Nut butter rich of vegetarian origin protein, carbs and good fat

              Honesty and fair production                       policy - the most important            value for us

We are one of the biggest producers of natural nut butter in Lithuania. We are committed to provide new products to the market and keep up high standards of products

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A.Vienuolio - Zukausko g. 35, Ukmerge, Lithuania
Phone number English: +370 671 54325 
Phone number Russian: +370 657 57897

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